So here are my shield designs for the Forest Guard (my re-imagined update of the Forestmen faction).

You will notice there is a lot less variation than with my Knights of the Black Falcon shield designs, this is because unlike with the Black Falcons where I aim to have multiple units and knights with their own sub-factional shields, with the Forest Guard I aim to present one fighting force with a range of related but slightly different clothing and shields to show that they are more grassroots and organic in their presentation.

Above you can see the standard five ‘triangular’ shields for the Forest Guard, designs A and B are the most like the design I have already shown, and C, D and E feature the single colour version of the stags head and arrow design that I created for the faction (you might have noticed this single colour version used on one of my Forest Guard torso designs).

The above designs (F-J) are just resizes of the above triangular shield designs to suit different shield sizes, the taller Norman style shields and the small round shields.

So what do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below!